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Royal dynasty tour

Departure from Belgrade. 

Arrival to Topola. 

A tour of Karadjordje’s town – formation which was built by Karadjordje Petrovic, the leader of First Serbian uprising. It was destroyed by the Turks, after they won the battle with the Serbian rebellions. Today there are only the remains of the church, school the dormitory with the tower where there is and exhibition of the Uprising. 

Visit to the royal mausoleum - the Church of St. George at Oplenac, and the museum - King Peter's house - Church of Saint George was built as a temple and mausoleum of the royal family Karadjordjević. It is known for White marble church with mosaic that makes 725 compositions, with 1500 figures painted in 3500 m2. Mosaic is made of over 40 million pieces of coloured glass and gold. In the crypt there are 39 graves with tombstones of royal family members. King Peter's house contains collection of the royal insignia and property. The most valuable pieces are relief icon of The Last Supper made of nacre, queen's diadem and king's sword. 

Visit to the Royal wine cellar. Lunch at the local restaurant. 

Wine tasting at the wine cellar Aleksandrović and vineyard tour. Family Aleksandrović has been engaged in viticulture and enology for more than a hundred years. The family had 30,000 vines by the beginning of World War II and has been working closely with growers and winemakers of the king's cellar from the beginning. Today, Aleksandrović is the leading Serbian private winery. 

Return to Belgrade. 

*Optional tour of the Royal complex in Belgrade


Novoizgradjeni objekat otvoren je za svoje goste tokom cele godine, trudeći se da svoje goste ugosti domaćinski i prijatnoj atmosferi, ambijentu koje objekat pruža. Smeštrajni kapacitet objekta je 31 soba: dvokrevetne, trokrevetne četvorokrevetne i dve family rooms. Objekat ima parking sa video nadzorom, recepciju, lobi bar, banket salu, moderan restoran sa prelepim pogledom na prirodu. Heba je udaljena na 800 m od centra Divčibara.  DETALJNIJE

  • Hotel JAVOR - Kušići

    Hotel je kompletno renoviran 2010/2011 godine kada je prešao u vlasništvo kompanije "MONA". Raspolaže sa sobama i apartmanima, smeštaj za decu je sa 3, 4 i DETALJNIJE...

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