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Love Serbia is an incoming brand of Kondor-tis company which was established in 1999, as a tour operator. After 15 years of constant development, Kondor-tis grew in a modern, well organized organism of travel enthusiasts, who are devoted to professional and high level travel service. We have developed network of partners in Serbia, as well as in Greece, Montenegro, Italy, Bulgaria, Austria etc. Our team operates in two cities - Belgrade and city of Loznica. Apart from the travel agency, we have two hotels in our ownership: Hotel “Konaciste Sunce” in mountain resort of Zlatibor and a brand new hotel “Konaciste Heba” at Divcibare Mountain. We have prepared attractive tours in Belgrade, a city which is not only famous for its bars and clubs, but it is also rich in cultural and historical heritage, a city where guests can enjoy excellent flavours of traditional Serbian cuisine and hospitality of local people. We also offer a wide variety of Serbian tours. Serbia is a country of colourful, vibrant cities, beautiful authentic villages, mountains, lakes, rivers, canyons, caves and the opportunities for adventure travel, hiking, mountain trekking, team building, incentive travel as well as cultural and religious tours.

We Love Serbia and we hope that on our journey you will fall in love with it too!

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